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The 360° evaluation – a feedback coming from several directions: managers, subordinates and colleagues at the same level has been applied for years. Thanks to this method the evaluated persons can get a detailed feedback about their leadership competencies and behavior which, due to lack of time or for other reasons, they would never get during the daily work. The aim of the feedback is personal and professional development. In the course of time the popularity of the 360° has grown quickly. According to the Fortune magazine, in the new millennium 90% of all companies uses some kind of multi-evaluation feedback system. Utilizing the whole potential of a 360° can bring benefits to the individual, the team and the whole organization.

THE APPROACH WE RECOMMEND grasps the individual competences and their level through the existence of pre-defined actions, i.e. through skills. That means that respondents do not have to define the extent to which the participant possesses a certain competence, but has to identify the observation of the acts that come under that particular competence, and the frequency of their occurrence. Even in the course of identifying the competences we distinguish between managerial and professional competences.


  • Readiness of the company for a 360° (assessment test)
  • Experience with questions’adaptation to clients’ competency model
  • Easy to navigate individual reports
  • Answers’ distribution graphs in the individual reports
  • Group report – calculating data of all participants
  • Progress report – competence development tracking at 360° repetition
  • Excel overview table: Group competencies by question and evaluating group
  • Ready made support tools: coaching sheets, action plan sheet, guideline on sharing the feedback, on-line commitment tracking tool


By the end of the program participants will

  • Identify their areas of strengths and development
  • Identify hidden potential and blind spots
  • Create SMART action plans


Potential follow-up programs

  • Insights into Personal Effectiveness
  • Insights Colourful Leadership
  • Selected courses from Leadership Academy
  • Individual coaching