Change Management

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In our present knowledge-based world hit by crisis only change is the constant element. As a manager, you can be an active participant or even the leader of corporate changes. Our training course provides you with up-to-date approaches and practical tools to become the leader of changes.

THERE IS A GREAT CHANCE OF FAILURE and extrusion for companies if they do not adapt to the changing environment or do not explore new directions. Changes caused by any external or internal factors and the handling of new situations are a central part of all managers jobs. Most change management theories and approaches are staying on top management level only. That is, they provide methods and solutions for those who set in motion the changes in a company. According to our experience, this is usually the middle and operative management, and not the top management who face problems when the nature of changes are already resolved and they only have to accept it, lead it instead of going with the tide and suffering from the change.

SHOULD YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE between the leader and the follower role, we bet you’d like to become a reformer! How can you keep up with the accelerated information flow of the corporate changes? What sort of leadership tricks and motivational tools would you utilize to cope with your colleagues‘ resistance towards changes? What can you do to avoid the failures of reengineering efforts to have your work crowned by success? Our two-day-long program provides you with up-to-date approaches and practical tools for answering such questions.

By the end of the program participants will be able to understand and accept the necessity of change, apply up-to-date change management techniques, assess and efficiently handle colleagues’ resistance.

Potential follow-up courses

  • Change Management workshop
  • Change Management team coaching
  • Assertive Communication course