Finance for Non-Financials

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Leaders do not only need to have a very good understanding of their own areas in order to work effectively but the whole company and the processes within; moreover, they need to know what makes a given division, department and factory effective and productive and understand the relevant financial terms and facts.

IN THE COURSE OF THE TRAINING, leaders can become more knowledgeable and experienced whatever takes place in daily life at their workplace. However, they do not merely face their own positions but they can also encounter and gain hands-on experience of situations, o­pportunities and responsibilities of decision-makers holding positions above them in leadership hierarchy. Also, they often have to address, evaluat­e and effectively handle financial issues and be able to discuss or negotiate them with financial experts.

DURING THE COURSE PARTICIPANTS RECEIVE AN OVERVIEW OF ALL SIGNIFICANT KNOWLEDGE CONCERNING FINANCE, accounting and other business fundamentals that is required for making company operation effective and productive. In the knowledge of these, they analyze the thinkin­g of a company, and then by means of a computer simulation, they gain hands-on experience of the significance and outcome of economic decisions. This compan­y simulation program models adequately the operation of a productio­n company, thus participants may try and put their knowledge into practice in a real-life framework.

By the end of the program participants will be able to understand, track, analyze and evaluate financial facts and effectively represent and justify their financial issues when dealing with other leaders, partners and even financial executives.


No specific financial background knowledge is necessary before the training.