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    The Develor Network has taken its biggest step in its history with the 1st of January.

    An independent center has been established that is responsible for the management of 11 Develor countries and 3 strategic partners. The CEO of Develor International Ltd. is Zsolt Pozvai, who used to be the CEO of the Hungary based Develor Consulting Ltd. since 1999. He was also responsible for setting up and managing the network. This dual responsibility and function ended with the headquarter establishment.
    The goal is clear. To provide professional support to the given countries and to be successful in areas that Develor Hungary has already conquered. It is the customers who will benefit the most from this change.
    From the one hand, the Hungarian company will no longer have any international tasks or responsibilities, thus it will be able to direct more focus and energy toward its clients. On the other hand, Develor International will mean a professional added value. The Knowledge Management department moved to the headquarter, and as a result, the development of new trainings and consultancy services will get a major boost. We will continue to include international know-how, similarly to the Insights products and to the exclusive representation of the Kirkpatrick methodology. We are at the finish line with a debt-recovery program, which has international professional bases. The headquarter will carry out comprehensive supervision of the client projects, thus increasing the time and energy invested into customer care and professional preparation of projects. Of course, the international team members will continue to participate in the implementation of national training and consultancy assignments, if the client needs their expertise and experience.
    In the past months there have been new trainers and consultants who joined the company; therefore the number of employees is above 50 once again. At the moment the international staff is growing in order to be able to professionally meet the needs of clients and of the Develor countries.
    We have come a long way in the past decade. In broader terms, Develor has become a market leader training and consulting company in the region. We are proud of our clients, successful projects, professional development and that we have always chosen the way of business ethics. There is nothing more, or less we want in the future either than to give the most and the best to those external, or internal clients, who choose Develor. You can count on us, as are also count on you.
    Develor’s complete service package is available within our network:

    • Bulgaira
    • Czech Republic
    • Croatia
    • Hungary
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Serbia
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Turkey
    • Ukraine

    Our strategic partners:

    • Egypt
    • Russia
    • Switzerland



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