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    Vloga miselnosti in njen vpliv na uspešnost posameznika sta že dolgo znana. V današnjem nenehno spreminjajočem se in vse bolj zapletenem svetu, je ta vloga še bolj pomembna.

    Ko delamo v predvidljivem okolju, so najpomembnejše izkušnje in strokovno znanje. Če pa se moramo nenehno prilagajati, biti odprti za spremembe in inovacije ter se spopadati z nepričakovanimi situacijami, ključ do uspeha ni v tehničnem znanju, pač pa v naši miselnosti. 

    V današnjem svetu so učinkoviti programi razvoja zaposlenih tisti, ki se hkrati osredotočajo na razvoj miselnosti, odnosa in veščin.

    Razvoj miselnosti je že dolgo v središču naših programov, ki jih uspešno izvajamo v partnerstvu z našimi naročniki.

    Insight 1

    Change Starts With Opennness And Growth Mindset

    The ultimate goal of any people development programme must be the sustainable change of behaviour and routines. Is this possible without a mindset shift? We seriously doubt it.

    To start any change journey we need to be open to the change itself. We have to accept the need for change and believe that we are able to rework our current work practices.

    We aim for this in Growth Mindset workshops. During the sessions, participants understand the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset and learn methods how to employ deal with the hindering inner voices.

    With the use of a variety of engaging exercises, they trigger and capture the mindset they need to grow. The workshop is an ideal starting point as an eye-opener for leadership, sales or any other soft skill development programmes.

    Insight 2

    Mindset Programs for Leaders and All Staff

    There are several mindset and attitude elements that influence the competencies of an individual. When setting up a competency model or defining the relevant topics of a training programme, it is important to consider the critical factors of a good performance in the long run. All this needs to be done with a focus on the future, taking into account the company’s strategy and the changes ahead.

    Digital Mindset has recently become of essential importance. It means that we need to be able to incorporate technology into our daily routines and exploit the values it provides.

    The game-based programs VUCA Mindset and Agile Mindset programs are designed to support adaptation to an ever-changing world and the professional application of agile principles, both of which are essential for leaders.

    Leadership Courage training, which reinforces conscious risk- and responsibility-taking, has become increasingly popular.

    An exciting part of our portfolio are Safety Awareness and Leadership for Safety programmes. They help raise awareness of the employee and leadership aspects of safety, with the aim of changing fundamental attitudes to health & safety.

    Insight 3

    Mindset Shift? Difficult Yet Manageable

    While our skills are relatively easy to develop, changing our mindset is a longer and more difficult process. Our experience shows, however, that it is not impossible. If you are open to it, you can expect rapid results.

    Even though all our training programs contain mindset-shift elements, we suggest – especially at the beginning of complex development programmes – to dedicate a separate block for establishing the proper mindset.



    Starting with the Growth Mindset workshop is a smart choice for any development journey.

    However, as learning is not an event, but a process, the change doesn’t happen overnight. It must be strengthened during the training courses and even afterwards, in the implementation support phase. Team coaching sessions, case study workshops, individual coaching, and best practice sharing events, but especially the support and supervision of direct superiors are the tools that can anchor the updated mindset.

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